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MAC Makeup: The Brand of Makeup Artists
MAC - Top Makeup Brand

It would not be an exaggeration to state that Brand MAC has emerged as the leading, the most popular and the most reliable makeup brand in the cosmetic industry. From the glossy supermodels and glamorous celebrities, to the beauty frenzied women on the streets and all professional makeup artists, MAC products’ unique quality, wizardry and enticement have made the brand favourite with all the makeup freaks. Makeup Art Cosmetics was born in 1985, with the innovation and inspirations of Frank Toskan, a makeup artist and photographer, and Frank Angelo, an entrepreneur. The first office opened in Toronto, Canada, and the company defined its mission as providing the best quality makeup for photography to enhance the beautification effect for the camera lenses, which had always been Toskan’s main priority. However, today’s industry tells us a new story as MAC has risen to new heights with countless prestigious and illustrious makeup artists and photographers all over the globe recommending and using it avidly. MAC has rewarded the loyal customers by initiating a special membership club, the MAC Pro, in collaboration with Estee Lauder Companies. This club allows the professional MAC lovers in the beauty and fashion industry to enjoy all kinds of exciting discounts, training and workshops. It comes as no surprise that all the top models, photographers, makeup professionals and hairstylists...

Benefit Cosmetics: A One-Stop Shop for Makeup
Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is an iconic and remarkable makeup brand which offers the makeup junkies superior quality, and reliable beauty products. Unlike most cosmetic brands in the industry, Benefit cosmetics does not come with a huge and disappointing price tag that is going to set you back on a week’s earnings; rather, it offers the beauty addicts some delightfully affordable and economical rates. It would not be exaggeration to state that indeed, Benefit Cosmetics has emerged as one of the most popular and widely used makeup brands that is absolutely adored by women all over the globe. The driving force behind this iconic and evolutionary cosmetic company is Jean and Jane Ford, twin sisters from Indiana. They began the journey of Benefit Cosmetics in San Francisco. After building up modest careers in modelling, the beauty geniuses decided to transform their makeup addiction into a beauty business. Their hard work, dedication and beauty innovation paid off with sensational and ground-breaking commercial success. A small scale business which was launched as a little beauty shop boomed to become one of the most loved and widely used cosmetic brands, which is popular and adored by makeup freaks for its delightfully fresh, fun and exciting makeup lines. In1999 this sensational brand was taken over by fashion mafia, Louis Vuitton and made global by opening up over 650 makeup counters all...