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Celebrity Makeup Secrets

Celebrity Makeup Secrets
Makeup Secrets

In a day and age when looking your best is becoming more and more tiresome and challenging, there may just be a simple trick to make your life easier. Why not turn to those whose job is to look glamorous all the time for inspiration on the best celebrity makeup secrets? Every star has something to share when it comes to beauty, so be smart and learn from the best.


A feature commonly overlooked when applying makeup, cheeks can work in your favor since they can optically elongate the face or take the focus off a protruding chin. Simply by adding blush to the cheeks before applying foundation will give the face a nice healthy glow that will look good on any complexion.


Often, the main problem with makeup is that it is unkind to the skin and prolonged use can leave you with dry, itchy skin or worse even – an outbreak of acne or dermatitis. To avoid these scenarios simply turn to one of the oldies-but-goodies celebrity makeup secrets that consists in the mixture of plain moisturizer with your favorite foundation to lighten the coverage and keep your face hydrated throughout the day. This also adds a wonderful luminous effect to your complexion.


With all the A-list events and after parties celebrities are no strangers to puffy eyes and under eye shadows. So it’s no wonder they have quite a few tricks up their sleeve too battle the signs of excessive partying (although in severe cases like with IT girls Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid nothing seems to work anymore). One of our favorite is placing your eye lotion in the freezer for a while and applying to lids before eye makeup. Afterwards simply apply a luminizer in the inner corner for a younger look.


If you’ve ever wondered how actresses were able to demonstrate such deep and vivid shades of lipstick that seem to defy the laws of physics, we’ve got news for you. It’s time to reach for the color corrector. It’s amazing what a simple beauty product like this can do for your overall vision as it will even out the lip tone and make the lipstick appear more vibrant. If you want to pick the best nuance for your lips always test on the inside of your fingertip as it closely resembles your own lip color.


Beautifully-shaped brows are the key to a trimmed and styled look. The best way to get those is with a number 2 pencil whose shade is the closest to the natural eyebrow hairs. Another classic tip from the celebrity makeup secrets archive includes the evening application of nourishing balm to the brows to thicken them and keep them looking healthy and glossy.

With these simple but effective celebrity makeup secrets you will find yourself feeling more beautiful than ever as your usual style is transformed! As with everything else in life, it turns out that the best things are often the simplest and easiest to do, so be sure to try out these makeup tricks for a truly dazzling look.


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