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Choosing the Right Lipstick Color for You

Choosing the Right Lipstick Color for You
Amazing Red Lipstick Look

With so many delicious nuances and vibrant tones it seems downright impossible to pick just one lipstick every time you go to the store. But choosing the right lipstick color is the last detail of any smart woman’s wardrobe that needs to be impeccable. It’s that little thing that can make or break the image you’re going for, so be sure to know and understand what goes behind selecting just the right tone for you.

There are probably a bunch of lipsticks, lip-glosses and lip pencils in your beauty bag, but are you sure you’re making the most of every product and know when and how to use it? It’s probably not a secret that some of your impulse purchases end up lying at the bottom of your bag for years without ever getting touched. And there is a good reason for that. You may fall in love with a lipstick you saw Taylor Swift sort at the People’s Choice Awards, but that doesn’t mean it will work on you when you put it on.

For a hassle-free way to find the lipstick that best suits your complexion, read on the tricks we’ve compiled based on advice from celebrity makeup artist Kindra Mann.

Lipstick for Dark Skintone

Identify your undertone

Every person’s skin has an undertone of yellow or pink and determining yours is very important in choosing the right lipstick color. As yellow is warm and pink is a cool tone – this will dictate what nuances go well with your complexion without clashing. To determine your undertone, look at your veins – if they appear bluish, yours is pink, but if they’re greener – yours is a warmer yellow undertone.

Find flattering shades

Shades close to your undertone work best as they’re on the same color spectrum. Yellow undertones works best with warm nuances and pink – with cooler. However, as a general rule of thumb – steer clear of gray, ashy or overly pale lipsticks as they are unflattering on everyone, except, of course if you’re not deliberately going for the Goth look.

Rely on your skin tone

At the end of the day, choosing the right lipstick color based on your skin tone is the surest way to find a product that complements your look and complexion. Olive skin tones are neutral and work well with nude, pink, orange, and red shades. Fair skin tolerates well bold reds and deep colors as well lighter nuances, while deep plumps, berries and reds are generally reserved for darker skin tones.


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