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Clinique Makeup: Perfectly Real Makeup

Claire Ashley - Clinique Even Better Foundation Review

Perfectly Real Makeup from Clinique is a sublime line with a promise for a smooth, lightweight foundation that looks as natural as possible. As a foundation it has a slightly creamy texture with a delicate matte finish once it’s blended. Clinique promotes its line Perfectly Real Makeup with the slogan that it “feels like nothing at all.” While it certainly isn’t quite that light – it does feel nice against your skin, leaving it with an improved look without appearing piled. The sheer to light coverage means you will still need a concealer for red spots or dark circles. And the subtle matte finish makes the product ideal for normal to oily skin.

One of the drawbacks is that it can exaggerate any dry spots, so it’s important for the skin to be completely smooth and well hydrated before application. There is an adequate array of shades – all 25 of them are sublimely gorgeous – with plenty of neutral options without strong overtones. These works well for fair-skin complexions, but there are also nuances suitable for darker shades.

All in all, when blended properly – Clinique Makeup Perfectly Real Makeup can give a wonderful ‘airbrush’ finish that can serve as the basis for your daily look. While it certainly cannot conceal more serious dark spots, acne and acne scars – it works well to tone down their appearance and it doesn’t ‘pool’ in pores. After application it can last for a solid 4-to-6 hours without fading or breaking down.

Clinique has used a signature micro mirrored technology to optically resurface the skin for the ultra-light feel and effortless blending. This makes it ideal for everyday use, especially due to the fact that it is “non-acnegenic”, 100% allergy tested and fragrance free. The Real makeup foundation provides light to medium coverage, blending into every skin complexion nicely. It feels more like a tinted moisturizer and you can almost forget you have it on. This makes it ideal when you’re combining different products or building up your makeup without it ending up looking cakey or muddy.

The small shimmering particles are not immediately visible, but add a nice touch as they illuminate your face in natural and artificial light, making you look radiant with a healthy glow. For a product to hit all bases – texture, finish, coverage and price – is a rare occurrence, so this gives Clinique’s Makeup Perfectly Real Makeup a straight A+ in our book. If you follow brands then this article will also work for you!


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