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Eye Makeup Brushes: Which Ones to Use and When

Eye Makeup Brushes: Which Ones to Use and When
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If you’ve ever had your makeup professionally done, you may have noticed the extensive array of brushes varying in shape, size, and style. Pages could be dedicated to the what, why, and how of makeup brushes, but today, let us start by discussing the everyday eye-shadow brushes for the everyday woman.

The fist shadow colors you will apply are the lightest. You’ll want to use either your basic eye-shadow brush, known as a fluff brush, or an angled eye-shadow brush. Both of these are wider and softer than your others with the one difference between the two being the shape. The fluff brush will allow you to sweep your base shadow color across the whole eye: brow to lash-line. If you like to have more control and follow the contour of your brow bone and eye-lid, I’d suggest the angled shadow brush over your fluff brush. These same two brushes are used to apply your medium shadow color. In this case, the angle will give you the control to apply color to the outer part of your lid following the curve of your eye. I will note, however, that if you’re using neutral shadow colors, it’s easier to stick with the fluff brush.

To apply the darkest color to your crease, you’ll use your crease brush because of its narrow and stiff shape. It will allow you to apply the color with greater control to intensify your look without making your eyes look tired. Again, you have the option to use your angled shadow brush, but I’d only recommend this if you’re working with neutral colors for a natural, smoky eye.

What will truly set your eye-makeup apart will be your ability to blend. This ensures there are no harsh lines between shadow colors. There are a variety of blending brushes.  Most are wide and fluffy, allowing you to gently sweep across your eye and blend the colors. The only exception here is when you’re using cream or liquid shadows, in which case you’ll want to use a smudge brush to blend.

Depending on the look you want, there are three main brush options for applying your liner. My favorite, the slanted liner, gives you a better angle to create cat eyes and work more easily with gel liners. A flat tipped liner will allow you to get as close to the lash line as possible for a more natural appearance. Some people choose to use a flat tip for tight-lining, while others choose the third style, the bent liner. This gives you increased precision for a slender, sleek line. I’d recommend the flat tipped brush to fill in your brows before going over them with your brow brush. Now, finish your look with some mascara and remove clumps with the rake brush that shares a head with your brow brush.


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