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Eye Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Eye Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop
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Do you feel that your eyes need to be more prominent?  Even if you are not satisfied with the color or the shape of your eyes, you can use makeup in countless creative and artsy ways to play them up and beautify them. Makeup is an art, and beautifying your eyes with this art is an easy game if you know all the right tricks.

Your eyes, much like you, have a personality, and in order to beautify them, you need to understand the personality, the emotions and the natural look that characterize your eyes. Once you understand the natural look of your eyes, you will know what colors to experiment with and how to play around with kohl to get those wondrously sensual and gorgeous eyes.

Here are some of the best eye makeup tricks to help you enhance and intensify your eyes.

Master the eye shadow game

The purpose of applying eye shadow is to nicely intensify and add depth to your eyes, giving them volume and highlighting their beauty.

You can experiment with eye shades to create any sort of illusion that you want to but for that, you need to remember these pearls.

  • Dark shades tend to make your eyes look tiny. On the other hand, a light shade will make them pop.
  • If you have small eyes, you need to tone down the eye shadow game with lighter and softer colors while with big eyes, you can play around with intense and dark hues.
  • Large eyes can pull off a dark and bold eye shadow, with an over-stretched crease to give them intensity.
  • For deep-set eyes, you need a blend of soft and dark shades, while wide-set eyes need to be emphasized by dark shades on the inner corners.
  • Hooded eyes? You need to go for an artsy blend of soft and dark hues, and if you have round eyes, your eyes need to be nicely covered with eye shadow around all the corners.
  • With Asian eyes, you can do the trick with a touch of highlighter and a well-blended combination of dark and light hues.
  • Fair skin and dark shades are simply not happening.
  • Shimmer tends to highlight your flaws so avoid it if you can.

Eyeliners define the shape of your eyes

You can use eyeliner to nicely outline and enhance the shape of your eyes. Now you have a great deal of variety in eyeliners, ranging from pencil liners and liquids, to a range of fun colors and much more.

Pencils come in countless colors, but black and brown are the two colors you must have on your beauty shelf. They can be used to create a sharp and well-defined look while a sponge tip shadow applicator can help you give it a seductive, messy and smudged look.

Mascara makes your eyes dramatic

If you want your eyes to lighten up and come alive, you need to give them a nice dab of mascara. It serves to intensify and bring out your eyes by highlighting and thickening your eyelashes.

You have many options to explore, but while choosing mascara, keep in mind that it must be:

  • Volumizing
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof

Make sure that the shade that you choose suits your eye and lash colors. To give your eyes an added perfection, curl your lashes using an eyelash curler before you apply the mascara. Depending on the look you want you can also choose eye makeup brushes, if you don’t know which eye brush will be the best, read detail information here


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