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Follow The Basics of Eye Makeup

Follow The Basics of Eye Makeup
Expressive Eyes with Makeup

When applying your eye makeup, it’s important to understand the different areas of the eye. Starting from you eyebrow and moving down, you have your brow bone, crease, lid, outer corner, inner corner, upper lash line, water line, and lower lash line. When choosing your shadow colors and brushes, consider what you’re trying to accomplish.  Where are the colors going?  What effect am I trying to create with this palette?

Using the different parts of our eye as a guide, we will work our way through the basics of applying your eye shadow. Remember, makeup is about enhancing our natural features. It can be fun to match a certain color palette with a style we want to emulate, but be careful you’re not trying to match your eye makeup to your outfit. Instead, match your makeup to your natural features. Some simple eye-makeup tips are here.

Let’s start by choosing a color palette. For simplicity, you want to choose three or four colors; a light neutral color for the base, a medium color shadow for the lid, your darkest color for the crease, and an optional highlighting color for your brow bone.

Different Eye Makeup Images

Using your eye-shadow with brush, you’re going to start by applying your base color all over the eye. Clean your brush off, and then use it to apply your medium shadow color to your eye lid. You may choose to use an angled shadow brush here for precision, but it’s not necessary. Your third step will be applying the darkest, crease color. This is an accent and intensifier, so be sure to apply it only to the outer crease of your eye. An easy way to think about it is to draw an imaginary line from the middle of your brow, straight down to the middle of your lower lash line. Be sure to keep the darkest color you use on the outer half of your crease to create the effect you want. The fourth shadow color is an optional highlight color you can apply to your brow bone with either an angled-shadow or fluff brush. Once you’ve applied the basics of shadow color, you’ll want to choose a neutral shadow or translucent powder to gently blend the shadow colors to avoid any harsh lines.

You can have some fun with your liner and create different looks based on the occasion you’re getting ready for. If you want an “everyday” look, use a flat tipped or bent liner to apply your eye liner as close to the lash line as possible. On the other hand, if it’s ladies night out or a special occasion, pick up your slanted liner and add a little wing by applying it slightly thicker on the outer corner of the lash line and sweeping the line to a point just beyond the outer edge of your upper lash line.

Finish your look off by filling in your brows and sweeping a few layers of mascara over your lashes.


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