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Getting the Perfect Pout with Lip Gloss

Getting the Perfect Pout with Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss Application

There seems to be no dying out of the trend of taking selfies and posting them to social media sites. People upload selfies on social websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For a girl, a selfie is never complete without a perfect pout. But how perfect is your pout depends upon how perfect is your lip gloss and the quality of the lip gloss you’re wearing. To solve this mystery, we present to you the complete guide of lip glosses, how to apply lip gloss, when to use which color of lip gloss keeping in mind your skin tone and where to wear it. Read on!

How to Put On Lip Gloss

As you start wearing lip gloss, in the beginning you are bound to make mistakes but you will inevitably master the art with a bit of practice. Your hands might tremble but that is quite human. The more flawless you lip gloss is, the more will your lips look vibrant and plump.

  • Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline before applying the gloss to moisturize your lips. Furthermore, moisturizing your lips will also make the gloss last longer.
  • Trace the edges of your lips with the help of lip pencil. This will define your lips.
  • Gently spread the lip gloss towards the edges of your bottom lip. Then, lightly press your bottom and top lip together so that the gloss transfers from bottom lip to the top one. Use tissue or wipes to remove any excess gloss from the edges.

Lip Gloss Color According to Your Skin Tone

It is very important to know what lip gloss color matches your skin tone. The following guide will help you figure that out.

  • Fair Skin Tone – warm peach, pink, beige and bright red
  • Medium Skin Tone – bronze, copper, burnt orange, brick red, pink, nude orange, rose, mauve and berry
  • Dark Skin Tone – caramel, peach, chocolate, wine red and plum
  • Olive Skin Tone – warm pink, warm brown and coral

Where to Wear a Gloss Color

It is also vital to know what gloss color you should wear according to the occasion. Wear orange, beige, peach or warm pink gloss to offices, schools or even wedding ceremonies. For formal dinners, award shows, nighttime occasions and parties, you can wear gloss in colors like wine red, bright red, brick red, rose, bronze and chocolate. Apply burnt orange, mauve, plum, caramel and coral gloss on a fun day out.

Lip gloss is a must – have tool for every woman’s beauty shelf and makeup bag. After all, it is the very products which will help you get that perfect pout for a flawless selfie to upload on Facebook as well as Instagram and get hundreds of Likes. Anyone who looks at your selfie with such a perfect pout will be intrigued to know the secret behind it. But let’s keep the secret between you and us: the lip gloss.


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