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How to Apply Eyeliner

Applying Liquid Eyeliner - Michelle Phan

Knowing how to apply eyeliner is the difference between nailing that effortlessly sexy look and ending up like an extra from the Walking Dead series. Not to mention how easy all those Youtube tutorials make it seem and there are so many gorgeous ladies on the street who look as if they woke up like that, but you have to make quite a few mistakes before you learn how to ‘draw the line’ properly.  Here, we give you a few proven tricks celebrities swear by to achieve that smouldering sexy look with minimal efforts.

Start by applying a kohl eyeliner pencil (we love Make Up For Ever Kohl Pencil for $17) from the inner to the outer edges of the upper lash-line in small, brisk movements. Close your eye and pull your lid taut to draw the lines. Then use a small chiselled brush or an angled brush to smudge the line to soften the way it looks. Smudging goes a long way, particularly when you’re a newbie at applying makeup.

There are many benefits to making eyeliner a vital part of your beauty routine. It provides wonderful contouring for the eyes and it can actually make them appear wider and brighter. A beige-coloured eyeliner to your lower inner rim is the surest way to take away from the puffiness of your eyes after a late night out. When applying always gently pull down on your lower lid and go over your waterline with the pencil.

Eyeliner application gets easier with practice, but using a long-wear pencil eyeliner in a bright color is easier to control.  Unlike kohl pencils, long-wear pencils give a bold matte colour that’ll last for hours and can’t be drawn in a straight edge. Our choice is Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner for $23.

Women often overlook the upper inner rim, but it is an equally important area. Apply black eyeliner to your upper rim to intensify your lashline and achieve a natural looking definition without the hard edge of a liner. Look down when you’re lifting your upper lid and apply the eyeliner in short strokes. When applying eyeliner you should line your lower inner rim as well for instant definition.

If you want a sexy winged tip look apply the liner from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lash-line. Make a line at a 45-degree angle, starting from your outer corner. You can get wonderful results with Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Creme Eyeliner for $26. The key to achieving the perfect winged tip is to “consider your eye shape”, which basically means to follow the slants of your eyes with the eyeliner. Recently, we have been seeing the cat-eyeliner look from the 70s make a comeback and it’s a good thing since it’s really flattering. The best thing is you can play around with different styles – for e.g. make the bottom line thicker to evoke a sexy Sophia Loren look.


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