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How to Find the Right Blush for Your Skin

How to Find the Right Blush for Your Skin
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For centuries, women have sought different ways to make their cheeks look delicately blushed. From passion to embarrassment and awkwardness to excitement, the soft color staining the cheeks looks as pretty as anything.

In accordance with the tradition, all girls love to apply blush-on so as to induce a factor of intrigue and appeal to their persona. Blush powder has been a popular make up product for a long time.  Girls never compromise when it comes to their looks and will do anything to find the right blush that goes perfectly with their skin tone. But finding the right blush can be a daunting task. Well you don’t have to worry anymore because we have the perfect guide that will help you in finding the right blush that will suit you the best, no matter what your skin tone is.

Another important aspect is to know the amount of blush that will look good on you. Apply too much blush and you will look like a clown or the Annabelle doll. Apply too little of it and you’ll look washed out. So, it is essential to apply the right quantity of blush if you want to look like a glamorous ramp model.

Dark Skin Tone

The dark skinned goddesses can choose from a wide range of blush colors to put on. The most common blush color used by dark skin tones is bright orange. It is fiery, intense and looks amazing on dark skins. You can also go for terra cotta if your skin tone is dark. It gives your cheeks a fantastic look that you’ll love. Raisin is the perfect match for dark skins. It is a beautiful, dusky shade to add a radiant glow to your cheeks.

Medium Skin Tones

Blush Available at Cosmetic Ideas
Blush Available at Cosmetic Ideas

Blessed are those who have a medium skin tone because a wide range of colors can be pulled off by these girls. Rich raspberry rouge, comely coral or even an appealing poppy blush are perfect for medium skin tone. Rosy pink and deep peach always look appealing and attractive on females who have a medium skin tone.

Fair skin tone

Fair skinned females better go for light blush colors because a darker shade will make their cheeks look flushed. A classic pink blush will complete your look for any special day. You can also rock the look with a mauve blush. Rose gold is the favorite pick of many celebrities with fair skin as it adds a little shimmer to your cheeks that catches the eye.

The blush color to be applied on one’s cheeks varies from person to person. Blush is a must-have makeup product in your makeup bag. It is a makeup product that applied in just the right amount, can add a silky soft texture to your skin. Follow this guide to find out what blush looks best on your skin according to your skin tone, wear it to your next awaited occasion and enjoy being the center of attention. After all everyone wants to wear the right makeup to look stunning, Don’t you?


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