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Marvelous Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Marvelous Makeup Tips for Dark Skin
Makeup tips for black women

Ladies with darker skin should consider themselves as lucky as can be! Not only do they have the added allure of exotic charm, but imperfections are easier to conceal on a wonderful bronze complexion. Still, if there is anything we should take from Lupita’s immaculate Oscar presentation apart from her talented performance, is that the right makeup can make a dark queen shine bright with effortless glamour.

Matte foundations are not a good idea as their dry complexion doesn’t work well with darker skin, which is usually dry. Instead, opt for creamier products, which add a dose of shimmer to your face to even things out. MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plush Foundation and Jay Manuel Beauty Powder To Cream Foundation are our favorite picks.

Most African American women have naturally gorgeous skin complexion that tolerates well bold and vibrant colors. Bright yellows, neon blues or hued greens overwhelm fairer skin tones, but will look sexy and marvelous on darker ones. Fuchsia, gold or even orange shades are perfect to draw attention to one of your best features.

One of our favorite marvelous makeup tips for dark skin that isn’t often mentioned on beauty blogs and magazines is to use bronzer. This type of product works wonders on a variety of skin tones and should be your go-to solution for highlighting features as well as shading and contouring your face. Using just a small amount on your cheeks, temples, chin or nose will create a radiant glow.

Dark-skinned women have naturally sensual eyes that need very little makeup. Still, you can experiment with different shade colors and eye liners for a beautiful cat-eye effect. Nuances that are complementing to your complexion are browns and blacks as well as purples, metallic and nutmeg.

When it comes to lips – contrasting colors are not your friend. As a general rule you should avoid nudes or pale pinks, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with deep shades of lipstick, such as plums, wines and dark reds. Everything that’s close to your skin tone will suite your complexion for an elegant and primmed look.

Olive-skinned beauties tend to skip SPF because they think their skin has a higher threshold for UV rays, but you’d be surprised at how damaging his habit can be. Fortunately, most makeup products have an SPF built into them, so you won’t have to pile one on top of another. Estée Lauder has a wonderful range of dark shades in liquid form suitable for dry skin. If your skin is on the oily side you can choose the BareMinerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 instead.

Finally, the key to a marvelous makeup lies in the condition of the skin. You can’t expect to look fabulous if you’re dealing with a persistent breakout of blemishes and black spots. So be sure to always rinse makeup brushes and sponges after use to get rid of the bacteria that will otherwise contaminate your skin and cause irritation and inflammation.


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