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Minerals Makeup: 4 Tips on Applying It Right

Minerals Makeup: 4 Tips on Applying It Right
Minerals Makeup

The innovative and remarkable invention of minerals makeup has been passionately embraced by the cosmetic, fashion, beauty and film industries alike. Indeed, the discovery of minerals makeup has proved to be one of the most significant influences on the cosmetic needs and beauty lifestyles.

Mineral makeup is based on hypoallergenic loose powders that serve to caress, nourish, protect and beautify the skin. Unlike the regular artificial cosmetic products, they do not require the addition of any harmful substances, for instance, alcohol, talc, perfumes, mineral oil or any other kind of preservatives that may harm the skin. And this is the primary reason why dermatologists, who staunchly disapprove of the regular use of makeup, give minerals makeup an eager approval.

However, when apply minerals makeup, one has to be very careful in handling the powder as it can create an unbelievable amount of mess that would take ages to clean up. It is important that you know what you are doing, and if you don’t, there is nothing to worry about as this article is going to be your minerals makeup bible to help you avoid all the unnecessary mess and beauty blunders.

Here are 4 easiest and simplest tips to indulge in Minerals Makeup


Tip #1

Before you decide to go with minerals makeup and the shades you want to play with, you need to examine the seasonal conditions and weather forecasts and plan your look accordingly.

A heavy and bright look simple melts and gets oily in the summer and even minerals makeup won’t be able to stay put once the floods of perspiration force it to trickle down. On the contrary, a softer and lighter look in the winters make you look pale and ill.

So, remember, summer is for light and cool natural makeup styles, while winter is for the more intense, deeper and brighter shades.

Tip # 2

The most essential item required for applying minerals make up is a comfortable and good quality makeup brush. Your brush needs to be wide and short, so that it can effectively prevent the powder from scattering and spreading all over your face and your clothes.

We advise you to use the Kabuki brush, which will give your face a nice coverage and a wonderful finish using the mineral foundation. However, if you prefer the liquid mineral foundation, your fingertips are all you need to work the magic well into your pores.

When you are applying the eye shadows, the longer and thinner your brush, the better and more effective it is.

Tip # 3

Your mineral foundation must be according to your skin type, otherwise, not only you will end up looking like a fashion disaster, but also, it will harm the health and vitality of your skin. For instance, the addition of mica makes the foundation shinier and glossier, which is perfect for dry skin but harmful and unsuitable for oily skin.


Oily Skin: Mineral powder foundation

Dry Skin: Liquid mineral foundations

Tip # 4

It is ideal to mix your minerals makeup with a good moisturizing cream to give your face a smooth and creamy finish.

When mixed with the moisturizer, the minerals makeup will create a nicely shaded blend of creamy foundation that will not only manipulate the intensity and darkness of color that you want on your face, but also, it will prevent dryness from creeping over your face.


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