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Seasonal Makeup: Warm and Cool Looks

Seasonal Makeup: Warm and Cool Looks
Seasonal Makeup Look

When you venture into the world of make-up you should know it be described in terms of warm and cool tones. This refers to foundations, powders, blushes and even lipsticks. This is because of a standardized system that was introduced a while ago and can be loosely-described as color coding. It allowed, in basic terms, a person to figure out how to choose their clothes and even makeup according to their individual skin complexion.

In this system each skin complexion matches up a particular season of the year. For instance, a very fair skin tone is considered a “spring” and would require clothes and makeup in “spring” colors. Medium skin tone is considered a “summer” and requires “summer” colors. A more tan skin tone is a “fall” and a more rich skin tone is a “winter”, requiring the respective tones.

Once you’ve defined your season and are confident in your choice you can start exploring the color choices you have. To give you an idea let’s check out a few seasonal makeup warm and cool looks to compare.

The “Cool” Factor

Cool Factor in MakeupPeople with complexion that permits the use of cool tones will find that rose bases work well on their skin. Foundations and blushes are best to be chosen all in the rose family and the ones that work best are those from blue-pink to burgundy. Same goes for lipsticks as pale tones look better – pinks, plums, burgundies, blue-reds and clear reds are all acceptable options. Eyes can be accentuated with eyeshades in grayish, charcoal brown and/or taupe tones. If you insist on using eyeliner – limit yourself to a touch of crayon on the outer third of the upper lid and stick to nuances that are the same or strongly similar to your eye color – mushroom, grayed brown, taupe, mauve, cocoa, plum, smoked mauve, or navy.

A Warm Summer Breeze

Warmer blushes make for a more colorful palette of choices and can be used as excellent contours and sculptors. The ones that work best with the yellow undertones of the skin are camel, beige, orange, gold and dark brown. Rich earthly tones are your friends in lipstick and eye shadow colors – anything from deep golds and oranges, rich reds and greens, heathery blue and deep teal of the sea is appropriate. Foundations work best when chosen in cream or ivory. Choose eyeliners in complementing to your eyes undertones to bring out their warmth. Neutral tones – camel and coffee brown to the deepest chocolate – are very flattering on a warm skin complexion.


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