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Some Simple Eye Makeup Tips

Some Simple Eye Makeup Tips

There are so many different ways you can do your eye shadow, each creating a unique look and enhancing different features. This is a compilation of six tips to add to your arsenal of tricks you can use with your everyday eye makeup.

Start with Good Brushes

When you think about creating anything, it always starts with the tools. Give yourself the best chance to create the look you want by investing in a good set of brushes. Yes, they’re expensive. Be sure to take care of your brushes and they’ll last longer than you think. When you do your makeup, you’re the artist and your face is your canvas.

Eye Makeup First

I always put on my eye makeup before applying my foundation because it’s likely that excess shadow color will come off the brush and fall underneath my eye. If you’ve already applied foundation, shadow color might stick and become harder to remove. If this does happen, use makeup-removing wipes underneath your eyes before applying the rest of your makeup so as to avoid a dark shadow under your eyes.

White Eye Liner

Using white eye liner is a great way to make your eyes look more awake and energized. You can use it as a base liner, top and bottom, before applying a darker color to achieve both effects. I tend to like using it to line the inner corner of my bottom lashes or, at the waterline, for that open-eye look.

Glam with Glitter

It’s often hard to rein yourself in during the day and use more matte, natural looking shadow colors. Bring a glitter or shimmer shadow with you if you’re going out for drinks after work, and apply it over your lid before heading out. You may want to refresh your liner as well, but the glitter-base will really transform your eyes from day to night.

Wet Your Brush

Not wetting the brush is a common mistake I see people make, and it can become frustrating. When working with a powder-base for your eye-line, you really need to wet your brush so that the powder sticks together and gives you a clean, smooth line. Otherwise, the dry powder may spray out and you’ll end up with dark powder in places you really don’t want it!

Stay Close to Your Waterline

Many girls, as they’re learning to apply makeup, will over-apply thick, black liner to their lower lash-line. While it’s not terrible at age 16, this can create a really tired look. If you want to achieve that intense, dark look, be sure to use a good concealer and eye-brightener under your eye before applying your eye liner. However, my tip for you here is to stay at or close to your waterline. Some makeup artists even apply liner by dotting in-between the lower lashes and gently blending the dots together for a softer line.


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