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The Best Eyeshadow Application Tips & Tricks

The Best Eyeshadow Application Tips & Tricks
Sexy Eye Makeup Look

Putting on makeup is an art but mastering this art. Just like a painter brings a blank canvas to life, makeup adds to the persona of any girl. However for some people, it can turn out to be a cumbersome task. It is the dream of every girl to be a makeup expert. While others wish for big cars and mansions, girls wish for things even harder to achieve – to apply that perfectly winged eye liner, to apply blush that looks like baked apricots instead of ending up look like Bozo the Clown, to be a makeup pro.

Its goes without saying that the most integral part of the makeup is eye makeup. Properly applied eye makeup can help you define the shape of the eye, making them look bigger and brighter. Mess it up and you ruin the overall effect.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Perfectly Sculpted Eyes

You don’t have to be a beauty expert to pull off perfectly done eye makeup. Flawlessly sculpted eyes can be achieved with right application of eye shadows.

Girl with Eye Makeup

Follow these tips for the perfectly applied eye shadow.

  • Always start your eye makeup with eye primer. Eye primer helps the eye makeup stay longer and prevents the skin oil secretions from creasing your eye shadow.
  • Instead of primer you can also use concealer but also brush some loose powder on it to prevent any oiliness.
  • Use large and fluffy blending brush to apply the eyeshade. Choose a shade that is one or two tones darker than your skin tone to apply on your crease. Crease refers to the area between your eyelid folds and your brow bone. This will help blending two or more different shades together and will basically give a depth to the eye shadow.
  • Use can even use a flat concealer brush to apply eye shadow as it is more precise and picks up more products.
  • Always blend the shades together so that there is no prominent line on your crease when you close your eyes.
  • If you want your shimmery lid shade to really pop, then lightly dampen your brush and dip it again in your lid shade and pat on the color. This will give you an intense color.
  • If you are just a beginner, then it is recommended that you start with neutral eye shadows before moving to colorful ones.
  • Always start with applying small amount of color since it is easier to add more eye shadow than to remove it.
  • Use light colors on shallow areas as it will highlight and emphasize that area.
  • Don’t forget to put liner under the lashes as well. It gives the eye even more finished look.
  • For eye shadows, vibrant shades like aqua, pink or silver look great on bare lids with loads of mascara.

How to Avoid Eye Makeup Disaster

Sometimes applying eye makeup can become the most challenging part of the makeup routine. Following are the things that you should not do when it comes to your eye makeup regardless of your overall look.

  • Just because your palette comes with different colors does not mean that you are meant to paint them all on your eyelids at once. Try wearing no more than three shades at a time or for everyday look go for one shade across your lid.
  • Don’t overdo your mascara as clumped mascara doesn’t look good.
  • Don’t apply too much glittery eye shadow during daytime; leave that look for evening instead.

With these ultimate tips and tricks of eye shadow application, you can refine your eye makeup skills. A little bit of practice and you will soon be on your way to putting on makeup like a pro, looking gorgeous and vibrant in no time!


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