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Top 5 Common Makeup Mistakes

Top 5 Common Makeup Mistakes
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With so many YouTube makeup tutorials it shouldn’t be so difficult to nail the right look, should it? Hundreds of technique and tips on how to apply eyeliners achieve the perfect smoky eye effect or pick the right lipstick colour…Celebrity makeup artists spilling the beans on handy secrets that can turn every girl instantly into a beauty queen. And still – there are more than a few pictures that capture women looking far from their best; far from decent actually. How does that happen? Let’s take a look at the top 5 common makeup mistakes we’re all guilty of.

Getting the foundation shade wrong

This one is a major no-no! Get the base wrong and there’s no way anything you put on top to look good after that. Think about it this way – foundation is just that, a base for your makeup, not a way to get a soft tan. Use it for what it’s intended and hide the imperfections, but don’t ever try to get away with a tone lighter or darker than your natural complexion as you’ll end up with ugly visible contrast around the hair line that is more appropriate for an on-stage duet of Ebony and Ivory. Blend, blend, blend – we can’t stress this enough.

Going Au naturale

As lovely as your natural complexion may be, applying makeup on dry, flaky skin is never a good idea as all of your flaws will be magnified. Exfoliating regularly can help with the removal of old skin cells, but moisturizing is also a step you shouldn’t skip. Smoother skin looks better when foundation is applied on top of it.

Using dramatic eye shadow

Pinks, blues and greens are all so pretty, but not everyone can pull them off. What’s even more – a lot of women fail to think of their makeup in relation to the outfit and end up looking like an Avant Garde installation. Harsh, bold tones are better reserved for Halloween or theme parties none of your friends and family members are attending.

Plumping your Lips

Yes, we’re all BIG fans of that viral video that shows how to plump your pout Kylie Jenner-style, but let’s face it – there were far more disastrous results than there were successful ones. And the trick of lining just outside your lips is not something known to work either. Sure, there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t sell her soul for Angelina Jolie’s divinely perfect lips, but you should always work with what Nature has given you. A lip liner the same shade as the lipstick makes you look fresh and effortlessly charming, which is what makeup is supposed to do in the first place.

Too much brow-sing

When it comes to brows there are two cardinal sins you may commit – over-tweezing or ignoring them altogether. Well-groomed brows are the key to a harmonious face. Nobody is a fan of Brows Gone Wild as it just makes you look sloppy and uninterested in the way you look, but over-tweezing is another way to scare people without too much effort. You need to tweeze just enough to make it seem natural and just enough for them to look well-maintained. More makeup tips are here.


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